New Quidditch system

Leor Stardial 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

New setup Quidditch

First of all there will be a quiz like Quidditch is now. Within that quiz you can score points to save up to buy action-cards after the quiz is done. With every correctly answered question your team gets an amount of points. After the quiz the total amount of points will be announced to both teams playing. With these points you can buy ‘action-cards’. The action part of the match is a turn-based event and the teams captain has to place them in the desired order and then share the order of the players to the other captain. Here it comes down to tactics rather than a lucky roll of the dice.


An action-card can be bought after the all the questions of the Quidditch match with the points gathered in the first part. There are a couple of different cards to choose from.

  • ‘Beat’-card which means the Beater of a team can choose an opponent from the other team to hit. If they can’t dodge they get hit and have to wait a turn.
  • ‘Dodge’-card which gives the targeted person the option to dodge a Bludger.
  • ‘Throw’-card which gives the Chaser that has the ball to choose between passing to a teammate (before a Bludger hits them) or to score.
  • ‘Keep/Hold’-card which gives the Keeper of a team the opportunity to negate a Chasers ‘Throw’-card. Can freely pass to a Chaser of his/her team.
  • ‘Seek’-card which gives the Seeker the chance to catch the Golden Snitch. Important: the Golden Snitch only appears after all the ‘Throw’-cards of one team are depleted.
  • Optional: ‘Catch’-card which is given to each team only once and therefore gives each team just one chance to catch the Golden Snitch.

The only way you can stop a Seeker from catching the Snitch first is by hitting them with a Bludger or a 'Beat'-card. That way the Seeker, if not able to use a 'Dodge'-card, gets hit and has to wait a turn before he/she can continue catching the Snitch.

The game ends when the ‘Throw’-cards of both teams are depleted or if the Seeker of a team successfully catches the Golden Snitch with the ‘Seek’-card (or ‘Catch’-card)

So with this system team captains have to think and show their tactics as in any other sports game rather than having a dice decide the outcome. This way, I think, the matches should become a lot more fair, because there's no luck involved anymore.

Let me know what you guys think of implementing this system instead of the one we have now.

Ok, so if people would actually like to explain whether or not they like about it, that would be a big help into improving this idea.


It's not that I don't like your idea, I just am good enough with our current system that I don't see a reason to change it.

I'm with Lucian on this. The quidditch system is great at the moment. Perhaps this could be a developement for the future, but the game is nice enough already.

Well, I actually heard a lot of people complaining about the way it is now with the dice involved. That because of it being more of a game of luck eventhough one team gives most of the right answers. Maybe the happenings can only consist of positive or neutral actions, because it's ridiculous that a team could get punished for answering a question correctly first. That is if the dice roll is still involved of course.