homework planner

Kim Snape 7 years ago updated by Agnes Dupont 7 years ago 1

I bought the Homework Planner, but noticed it doesn't really do anything. Since it says: "With this homework planner, you will not only keep on top of your homework, but the planner will also give you advices about how to solve your assignment or where to look for information about specific subjects. It will also let you know, when you missed any of your homework or when it is time to hand in." I thought, why not implement this to the website and make sure it does what it says? I think this would be a great help and it will make it easier to oversee what assignments you did and which still need to be graded and such.


Since no other items are interactive, I don't think we should make the Homework Planner any different, and there are already feedback topics about changing the Homework Tab itself so I think this is pretty much covered..