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Thats a bit of a big prize for something most people use Google for!

Welcoming Teams already exist (whether within houses or as an actual job) and if you need help - message management or them, or just any staff member really.

it can be done - whether or not it's allowed/approved is a separate question

These are constantly changing though, and so would be more complicated
Also, it's worth noting that the ATs are only put there because of the fact that it uses their job - Prefects' locations are given manually and are not a site feature, this would mean the lead has to put their names there manually (with ATs it's just one hire and you're done)

Trade... you can't do that o-0

Already done on some sites so I'm guessing this is something individual sites can choose to do should they want to give extra rewards to big point earners

Relations depend on the site, every site has entirely different relations depending on fandom - you've referenced WoO, so if you want it I suggest asking Angela Blackbourn.

Also I'm slightly confused as to why you should be able to take care of someone's pets and plants for them - we have the kennel for a reason, you can still do so IG... you don't really need this OOG thing 

That's true to be fair - although some management abuse their powers D:

If it automatically discharged you... inactive people would just continue to faint again and again and again, the button is there to stop this