Engaged Relations & Sharing of Pet/Plant Care

Galena 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 2

When two users are Engaged and plan on marrying on-site, they should have the option to send said-relation to each other and alert the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director. After that, they should get permission to take care of each others' pets/plants when the other is on hiatus or on vacation, so they don't feel bad for not being able to take care of them as well as they used to.

Plus, it's kind of like real-life. When you live together and/or engaged, you start taking care of each other more often (that includes pets/plants).


Relations depend on the site, every site has entirely different relations depending on fandom - you've referenced WoO, so if you want it I suggest asking Angela Blackbourn.

Also I'm slightly confused as to why you should be able to take care of someone's pets and plants for them - we have the kennel for a reason, you can still do so IG... you don't really need this OOG thing