Counter/Achievements for Wizard Cards

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I was a member when the wizard cards were introduced, but it's only now that I've unlocked the /sing feature. Keeping a rough count of how many cards I've opened in the last two days with the goal of finishing the last few collections (I think I was missing 6 cards or something) I can say that it took me at least 7k (SEVEN THOUSAND) cards before I got the last one I needed: Valentine. 

What I'd like to know is how many cards I've opened in total. [rant alert] Since salvaging was introduced it's no longer possible to get the sum by simply counting the collected cards, and it's very interesting to know the numbers. Especially if you're like me and want to collect some statistics on how many cards it takes before you complete the MoM collection, which is the one with the rarest cards if I'm not mistaken, so that you can use it for arguing that the card system is flawed and very unfair. Yes, it's built to be unfair, but the difference in cards needed to complete the collection can be pretty big. I know people who have completed it in 3k cards, while I must've opened at least 10k cards in total (a very rough estimate, since I don't have an actual number). As an oldie with more IG money than I can spend it wasn't a problem for me to buy 4k frogs + cards, but most people will have a real struggle to afford that. I also had VIP for opening most of those cards, which supposedly increases your chances of rare cards. I wonder how many more cards it would've taken without VIP.

I'm not just here to whine. I'm here to suggest a counter for number of opened cards. Use the same system as achievements (heck, make new achievements for it - I deserve a badge to show off my dedication), shouldn't be too hard to implement. 

For anyone passing by: how many cards did you need to open before you unlocked the /sing ? If you haven't unlocked it yet, how many cards have you opened without completing it? Rough numbers are fine, bonus points if you calculate the amount of IG and/or IRL money you spent on it. 


On 4th November of 2020 (so about a year ago) I've already opened 12,117 cards D: And since then I've opened a bit over 4,000 (because I gave up at some point for a while) AND I'M STILL MISSING FAKE VAL T^T 

The sad thing is that I've had every single other card about 6000 or 7000 cards ago, but just can't seem to get him in particular xD the site is so against meeee

Not sure how much money I've spent on them but a lot of them were gifted to me so that really helped me a lot with my collection c:


PS: Can't give the exact number of cards bc I've salvaged a bunch (most of them I had in hundreds though snort)

    Trade... you can't do that o-0


    i know that we can't and it pains me more than words can describe :c


    Oof, even worse off than me... I feel ya. I think I have double Valentines on another account and server, I'd be more than happy to give you one of those if I could <3

    on my first acc Valentine is the only one i need. sad is, on two others accs he was one of the firsts Ive got