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If they don't have time to make homework, they don't have time to grade, as grader you still have to go into the homework, know what ur grading and check if the info is right

so because it is green everyone in the whole wide world would see it? Sorry but when you create a user U r desperate to go further, U'll get an owl as soon as sorted, it takes the focus from ur beloved green button, so no I really don't think ppl sees it and why not push them into the rules instead of making a little button to push on

When I have not seen it and not this other site I made a person on... How many do you think sees it then?

A suggestion could be that ppl got send to guides after taking the sorting hat test?

Fair but last thing I heard it'll cost 3000 USD

As many other sugestions I believe to have heard you have to raise the money for the site to be build

Yeah I was also thinking the minister or headmaster whatever they r on the site.

Because there was a danish site before it became WoP and then it was literally nothing else than homework you could earn points on... After more than 6 years, I think, Peeves came along. World of Potter then opened in 2016, if I remember correctly and then a lot changed... So it is because it was thought of long before the more options to get points ^^

I would really feel annoyed if ppl started asking for friendship before sending an owl and talk with me... I'll talk with everyone, but the friendoption for me is when I feel it is time to have the status...

Oh yes. But then the namechange maybe should be only possible for the one giving the gift... So if I were VIP I bought a cat, named it and then send it as a gift?