fix the sorting on WoS

Kybjosh 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 7

the sorting on WoS seems kinda random, i took the most agresive and hunter-like choices and yet i got assigned the Mega Coven, after i complained it was said not even the staff knew which questions would get you what faction

so in this case i suggest: fix the questions and let thos who feel they have been wronged by it (me for example) make a new character with the same name or better, give them a faction change for free. because this isnt a mistake they made but the site messing up and i am too poor to just buy a faction change


I did actually think the questions on the quiz seemed fair and they made it so most of the factions were evenly split, which is the point. I tried getting hunter and my experience with it was pleasant, where I got what I wanted.


I'd suggest you bring this up to the Minister equivalent of WoS as this isn't a bug and is something that solely has to do with WoS. Only WoS staff can change this.


ì did and he didnt want to d anything about it, and as i have been told that even the staff dont know which answers will get you to which faction i do not think the primordial can do anything about it


The primordial can do something about it, but can't just change it because of one complaint. You can always make a new user and try again.


Yeah I was also thinking the minister or headmaster whatever they r on the site.

The hunter faction is equivalent to the Gryffindor house so you have to come up with answers that match that. The Mega Coven is equivalent to Slytherin. So both factions can be aggressive just one thinks for themselves and magic while the other is about killing monsters and saving people.