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I get back to my chest o.O

On the danish it's for everyone so there r younger users than 13 ^^ But yeah I agree

You can just go back in ur browser?

I think this will go from RPG to a whole pc game, and that would ruin the RPG parts...

I think it's because you need other ppl to hug them too

As long as it's just because of the colour, then you can just take your distance from the job... If you could not see the colour, it would be another talk.

A bigger amount of required words will give a lot more quality that a minimum timer. With the timer you can just wait until you can push send without any further

as Kayla says... with the “students” job you have to see it oog, and find your own way in game. As prefect you could in game say you work at the wizengamot

True but when you can buy all it could be nice to achieve rare pets by doing some more ❤️

There’s a lot of kids at some of the sites.