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If you take this option from VIP's then they will lose a lot of paying players...

I think this will be great, BUT I also think there has to be set some groundrules about this option, so an 11-year-old person not is in operation to change gender or something.

Again: I agree, but there have to be set some rules, so it's realistic too

You can do this on ur browser? Or copy it to word/docs where you can do it?

I have said this to a leader on the site I'm on and I believe they in fact r trying to fix it, but I can't promise tho

I think it's great, but I saw something about an idea where you should move gifts but keep text, this could be a part of that, I think, because before that has happened I would be worried to lose some text I like there. :p

The point is that you play that year it says! It says year 7, then you r in year 7 after our timeline. If you said 2018 it would go around 6 years up before we hit 2019 irl. It would be difficult to play.

If we would go back in time, you would know ppl from the past in HP and that would make it difficult to teach in something that had not happened ig yet.

I like the idea, but maybe only for the last exam in the subjects? So it doesn't take to much space :D

If you can see others homework you can still get too inspired of the text. When you have to make it at first, you will know a lot more of what u r grading.

It would help in so many ways and yeah maybe you will wait for the homework where not so many ppl have made their homework, but these often end at the assistant teachers table anyway. Those often graded fast, most ppl have made already so I only see the problem on the new sites. =)

I think it would be like spam, when ppl send invitations to everyone they see in the chat. I get enought friendrequests from strangers and I don't need spam in owls too ;)

the library and lexicon isn't enough?