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Agreed as long as it’s realistic animals. I mean no one has a thestral in their backyard. It could be fun to have a lot of animals and more things to do except classes. It could be to get a niffler you would also have to own a thing from the shop and to maybe own a thestral you have to own something crazy and expensive...

I still think it’s a bad idea!  On the danish site it’s 7th year and it works great as it is... the grading is oog so why shouldn’t 8+ be allowed to be a part of the game? You would regret this idea when being 8+ and have limited options to help your house. And the housecup is oog!

You can turn the wop tabs sound of then there’s no problem. Even if they put it up a lot of ppl would still make it in the profile. So nah not a future I see as helpful

I know but on the site I am it’s not allowed (:

What should it be good for? I don't really see the point?

I think it will be a problem because it could start a shitstorm...

Thanks for the translate. :D 

Well isn't it just that when we get the notification, we should be able to click on it and get into the users profile? :D It would be brilliant and I don't think it's a big change. I like ur thoughts :D

Can we get it in English`? o.o

Great idea, I think it could be like the counting on feedbacks at WoP, just with a higher amount?

This will harm 8+ who can only get points fro grading, so this is a really bad idea. I think it's better to let it stay as it is, but make it possible to grade friends homework too... I know year 1 can't grade that much, but new students often grade homework with 3 words, what I see, so I think we need to let it stay, 'cause no matter what you do it will either harm 8+ or 1 years...

Try to see it this way: There are a lot more homework sent in from 1st year students than 6th or 7th.... In the end it is totally fair as it is now.