A Homework word count!

Sera 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 6

Well I'm on world of Walkers and we have a minimum word count for homework. I like it and it's a really good rule, but I always have to count those 100/200 words myself or use another site for it. I thought, maybe, we could have a word count like in a lower corner somewhere which tells you howmany words you still need to write before passing that minimum word-rule. 

It's just an idea, but I would make making homework much easier, since I wont have to use another site to count my words! :D

It could be of use in topics too, just for fun, but it would definitely help with homework!


Great idea, I think it could be like the counting on feedbacks at WoP, just with a higher amount?


I don't think this is a good idea for WoP. Some creatures in Care of Magical Creatures doesn't have enough information to write about so in a way that is messing up a student to get them to get a bad grade they don't deserve. And one really doesn't do a word count since it's not exactly fair when someone's assignment can be so great but you take points away anyway because of the word count when they really deserve a full grade.


If you read my suggestion well, you could see I asked for a word count, not a minimum word - rule. 

WoW has a minimum rule for homework, which lies somewhere between 100 to 250 words, therefore a word count would be nice to know if you made that minimum.

It doesn't really matter if it works for WoP or not, as they don't have a minimum word - rule and that's not what I'm asking for either. ;) 


Yes! I need this! I have been giving people Exceeds expectations because they missed a few words and it is a pain to keep having to copy it to word to see. I would add that it would show on the homework once it's made because of the grading but it's a great suggestion!


I love this suggestion ! As a grader I always need to open another tab with a word counter online and eventhough it's just as efficient and doesn't reaaaally ask for much effort I believe having this function integrated to the site would be really useful, just that kind of little addition that would make me say "oh, that's very well thought".