Only grade homework in your own year

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So, the rule is you can't grade homework above your own year. So if you're year one, you can only grade Y1 homework, and if you're year two, you can grade Y1 and Y2 homework, so on and so forth. Great, right? Well, no

The points system gets reset every schoolyear, yet within a few days, Y4 students get to rack up their points by grading FOUR YEARS of homework, while Y1 and Y2 stay behind and have to work way harder to get points, because they have less homework to grade and even if they do, it's always possible a higher-up has already graded it. 

This is not only annoying (looking at that "no homework to be graded" page is stupid) but also quite discouraging because it feels like people in Y1 and Y2 can't get recognition for their hard work, because other people come across points easier and thus get the recognition (and awards, and gifts because they're in the top 5 of the points, so on and so forth). 

My solution: only let students grade homework from their own year. Of course, this can be paired with the removal of the "no grading friends' homework" rule, because that rule doesn't really make sense either and doesn't add anything to the site, it just causes people to unfriend a lot so they can grade homework. 

This rule allows Y1 and Y2 students to have just as big of a chance when it comes to getting points from grading. As for the facts that Y1s can't grade homework until they're level 3, this would only be a problem in the first week or so, since after that most students have gathered enough XP to become level 3. This W1/W2 problem can be easily solved with ATs and Teachers working together, and maybe allowing the another year (possibly Y2 or maybe the highest year on the site) to grade Y1W1 and Y1W2 homework. 


This will harm 8+ who can only get points fro grading, so this is a really bad idea. I think it's better to let it stay as it is, but make it possible to grade friends homework too... I know year 1 can't grade that much, but new students often grade homework with 3 words, what I see, so I think we need to let it stay, 'cause no matter what you do it will either harm 8+ or 1 years...

Try to see it this way: There are a lot more homework sent in from 1st year students than 6th or 7th.... In the end it is totally fair as it is now.


I don't think this is a good idea. Jelina pointed out some things which don't work, but also the fact that 1st years most of the time grade worse then people in higher years.

In the current system, the "younger' people can learn from the grading that "older" people give and so the system keeps improving itself.


Addition: since WoP prides itself on being realistic, it shouldn't even be possible for 8+ years to get points, since teachers/staff can't even get points for their house in the original franchise. 

My edited idea then is that you can only grade your own year AND the year below you. This way, first years can still "learn" from second year grading, but fourth years for example cannot rack up points for grading 4 years of homework while second years have to work way harder to get that same amount. If they want to keep the 8+ in the point system and the site hasn't been on long enough to have a seventh year (the last year), the 8+ people can grade the highest possible year that is currently on the site (for example, on WoP UK that would be Year 4). 


I still think it’s a bad idea!  On the danish site it’s 7th year and it works great as it is... the grading is oog so why shouldn’t 8+ be allowed to be a part of the game? You would regret this idea when being 8+ and have limited options to help your house. And the housecup is oog!