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oh well you r doing it wrong. After their first time you just have to pick one of the weeks in fat. (: in the course you started off course

Then there's nothing to do unless the teachers leader seems to care about it ^^

The problem is that if you edit while another person answers you can change something the person reacts on... I don't say you will edit any other than typos, but other ppl will...

You have to take it with the teachers on the specific site... It is not the same classes on every site and it is a thing that is up to the teachers, so it has to be an owl to those ppl

I thought of another thing about same problem... Maybe it should be the first site to come in to after being sorted?

Try to delete ur cookies maybe ^^ Can't promise it will work, but it is worth a try

Det skal skrives på engelsk for alle forstår det, men skal nok oversætte. :D

What she say is: If you start a course on the phone in a subject, then you will get in to the task, but if you leave you can't get in to the task again.

I just logged in to try and see for myself... I did not have this problem in Magical Creatures, but maybe it can be in transfiguration, this I can't check...

I would love this to make holiday announcement or seeking relations!

I get you... And then there are people never getting it... My dream thought would be having a system that would do that everyone eventually would get it... for example if the slug was a number and not a name, it would take a new number everyday and with a matematics code, it would still not take the users in order, but still prevent th the same person got it