Get points for solving Fred and George anagram

~ Emma ~ 6 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 7

In order to get some extra opportunity for earning points, get points for solving the Fred and George anagram. Like Peeves corner, you earn galleons ánd points. I think, especially for new students who can only grade first-year homework, it's an easy way to earn some extra points on a daily basis. 


I agree, I've been wondering why this wasn't already a thing to begin with.

Because there was a danish site before it became WoP and then it was literally nothing else than homework you could earn points on... After more than 6 years, I think, Peeves came along. World of Potter then opened in 2016, if I remember correctly and then a lot changed... So it is because it was thought of long before the more options to get points ^^


I think it's a great idea, and like Thomas I've been wondering to why this wasn't already a thing from the beginning.