Ability to give pets as a gift

Alicia Moonshine 6 years ago updated by not me 4 years ago 14 1 duplicate

because some people don't have enough money to buy it so someone could give them a gift. This would be really helpful to someone who wants a pet especially if someone has a pet they don't want anymore.

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I love this idea. Was wondering about "rescuing" runaways as well. Unless there is a way to recover runaway pets I haven't had the problem of them running off but I cuddle a lot and seen SO many fainted or runaways I can't do anything about.


This is a good idea, But it may cause some problems, like people can keep asking for pets. We should set a limit to only one pet for every IG year


Pets cost money. That's the control. If someone can't keep up on a pet I won't be willing to help replace it, lightly.

If you get them a Hellhound or Pegasus and they don't take care of it; are you going to buy a second or third for them after it runs away? After spending how much? Cats are cheaper but still.

Flip side: What is the harm in doing it more than once if you can afford buying more pets for someone?


I completely agree with this! But I do have a suggestion, because what people can do is they make spam accounts, and then gift themselves pets with those accounts. So, we NEED control. So, I think the limit should be, you can send gifts at 5, but to send pets you need to be at 10, or, something like that. That way, people CAN'T make spam accounts, they have to work hard to gift pets to someone. I also agree with being able to rescue Run Aways. Maybe, it could cost 100 obols or something to rescue a pet. I agree completely though!


Oh yes. But then the namechange maybe should be only possible for the one giving the gift... So if I were VIP I bought a cat, named it and then send it as a gift?


I would be a great idea and I completely agree with this all.


Yeah, true. James ran away. I want a new pet. Del would give me one. If she could. So. Please.


That would be especially great for theose, who know they can't be online enough in the future, to care for their own pets, so they can just gift them away instead of letting them starve. 


I've been wanting this for agesss. I really hope they see this request bc I really, really want this to happen  T^T


I just wanted to bring this back up as with the new interest update. I can't afford to feed them/ or unfaint them when I forget to feed them. I don't want to let them run away but I also don't want to set them free. i would love to give them to a friend that would take care of them and would love to have them


Why was this declined?

I disagree with this for one reason: Keeping a pet involves feeding them, which can be very costly for a user. To involuntarily receive a pet as a gift might be detrimental to users who don't have a lot of money to begin with. This forces on them the choice of either ruining their bank account by keeping the pet, or making the emotional decision to release them. Pets should be able to be acquired by the user only, as a decision they have made themselves, and not from being gifted by others.