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Love the idea! :3

Already suggested that. 

Didn't think of Cuddle all tho, great suggestion :3

Bumping since I just leveled up again thanks to my lovely pets last night.

As I just opened over 100 cards the other day, yes. Please! O:

Just bumping this up for more recognition <3

Like dividing it so that it shows:
Year 7
Year 6
and so on?

As I see it trolls could just go ahead and spam every single location for the achievements. I think there should be a limit to minimum amount of posts in each location? Like if you have a topic in "The Market Place" in Diagon Alley you would have do have at least five posts in that topic to unlock the achievement? 

Otherwise a great idea for more activity! :3

I actually made a very similar thing yesterday, just including a couple other things too :D

I think it could easily be next to the level or something. A little owl icon perhaps. Hovering people only shows 3 achievements and then the level on the right, so it could fit :D

I like it, but it could become a slight problem for shorter lines. And some people also tend to just do one line skip instead of making a gap between the paragraphs, so it would take some getting used to. But for both topics and homework it would be amazing!