Your comments

I agree with Jada that it would be nice to see it soon, since it's been planned for a year :D

On that note I would like to add an extension to the idea: Different types of tickets OR tickets at a certain price.

The different types would be for 10, 25, 50, or 100 where each step gave a better chance of winning.

The certain price could be a price every user has to pay to have a chance to win and all users have the same chance. I think it should be 25 or 50 in that case for sure.

After you graduate (At least on EU) you will be able to apply for a job with info about graduate jobs you can RP as :)

This would make it wonderfully easier to chat in owls. Also commenting to bump!

Ah yes, that would be amazing! 

And also sell them for a cheaper price than the shop itself has. It would benefit both parties :D

That could 100% be a thing. Paying like 1000 galleons/credits/whatever to create a club instead of restricting it to only money.

I agree with Catherine.

It would also be awesome to either get a free name-change for one of the people to change their surnames. If that's not possible then when "accepting" the who people agree on a surname from one of the two or have the "agreed" surname in a parenthesis. Of course it would require at least X amount of topics and a marriage topic where they're getting officiated. 

Honestly a great idea. The feature is stupid and unneeded. What if I'm literally befriending every single person on the site? I'd have to wait for new users to reach level 3 or year 2 to grade my homework. Have a +1

Honestly just leaving a comment to see if anything is happening, since it was planned 9 months ago.