Relashionship status

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Either link to the specific person, or just "single" "married" "it's complicated" "pizza" etc...

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You can already marry someone on here? Just make a marriage topic and maybe even pay for a namechange?

Preventing people from hitting on you is not really such a big of a problem is it? Just tell them you're in a relationship IG! xox


Not everyone can afford a "name change". As for the marriage topic, not everyone will be able to see it because there are MANY threads on this website, making it hard to have others see the post. And single people hitting on taken people is not so simple without the "marriage" option.


You could state on your profile that you're married and don't wish for people to hit on you :)


That's a great idea. The profile text and backstory tabs get so full so much and it would be nice to have that. I would also be cool if you filled out a for full of questions about the relationship to create one. Therefore it will stay nice and organized


This would be so great to have!


Maybe you can make it like Facebook is in a realtion ship with

Or is married with: example: Bas Zwarts.

The other person has to accept the application. That will be better because then will everyone just randomly fill in their realtionship status with a person "as a joke"without knowing from the person on the other side.

You will get an notification where you can accept it.


I agree with Catherine.

It would also be awesome to either get a free name-change for one of the people to change their surnames. If that's not possible then when "accepting" the who people agree on a surname from one of the two or have the "agreed" surname in a parenthesis. Of course it would require at least X amount of topics and a marriage topic where they're getting officiated. 


It won’t let me buy wip


This not where you write it.


I think it is a good idea, but I don't think marrying is the best option, this is a school.


There are other people than just students


Some graduates do get married, they just can't do anything other than say if they are married ig and pay to change their last name. This would allow those graduates to show their married easier, and make the site relationships a little easier. Some students also date too, so this could also be used for them.