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I'm pretty sure there's always a highly rated topic about being able to TRADE cards instead of doing this. Being able to buy the cars would make the ability to purchase the frogs for cards useless when you could just pay a lot of galleons. I think this would be a bad idea.

The cake is to show a persons IRL birthday. Having the cake showing everytime a person had birthday ingame would make it way less significant to have and so many would have it each day throughout the year.

As far as I'm concerned this is already being done on all sites by HM and MoM.

You need items to start a course. Looking at charms on EU (I don't know what site you're on) I can see that you need the book "Charms and Curses", a White Quill, and a Wand. 

Charms and Curses is a book and it can be bought at Flourish & Blotts along with the quill. 

The Wand can be bought at Ollivanders. 

You should be able to click on the items listed under "Requirements" and it would take you to another page :D

(Bumping the suggestion because I still think it's a great idea)

I mean generally it would be a helpful idea, but it would also create problems since people could just make 20 accounts and send themselves the 10000 galleons/obols/credits. It would be a valid idea if there was a level limitation to it, to avoid new users sending the money right away.

I'd love this too! Then I could finally have a lot of Porgs to feed :D

I love the idea but I think it would clutter the chat with newly sorted people a lot, especially during the dead chat hours o: