Multi-Opening for cards

Raphantastic 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 19 2 duplicates

It is rly annoying to open every single chocolate frog card. Especially when you own a lot. It would be awesome, if there was a "open 10 times" or at least "open 5 times"-Button   

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Yes yes yes yes yes please I need this. T_T 

It would already be great if the cards you buy at Honeydukes can be opened the same way as the ones you buy with RL money. I don't really see why it has to be different. 


Yes please, I need this!


As I just opened over 100 cards the other day, yes. Please! O:


Back then, when i posted this, I was about to open 2500 Cards xD *can sing huehue*


That would be a great idea! I openend hundreds of them, it gets really anoying to open them one by one. So yes please! 


This would be so helpful and make opening them so much more efficient! 


I am just bumping this up! :)


Bump again ^^ I really would love to be able to at least open a couple at a time. It would really make me more motivated to open and buy these!


That would be just awesome!


That is an awesome idea :D


Definitely bump! I want this to happen! 


It would be great ! Hope that'll be come soon ! :D

Alright, not sure why my post broke, but I'd love an option to open all cards. I know people have posted it in the past but I haven't seen any recent inclination about it? I have too many cards and I'm really afraid to go ahead and open them all for several reasons:

  • lagging the site
  • spammed notifs
  • no way to DELETE notifs

As someone who was gifted 1,500 cards... I would very much like this.


I bought about 2 thousand cards in bulk...that was probably a rl year ago and I still have hundreds to open o.o 


Yes! Please do this! It would be really great as it takes a lot of time to open all the wizard cards. I had to open 100 wizard cards once and it was really annoying.

This sounds good. I like this idea!