Pets: Cuddle All - Option

Lars Luminus 5 years ago updated by Adalynn Greenwood 4 years ago 6

Dear Wizards!

We all know the situation - three or more pets and the cooldown between cuddling them.

It would be a lot easier, if there was a button with the function to "cuddle all" at the same time.


Yes please, I think it has been asked for before, but it is a great idea!


maybe a feed all aswell?



Already suggested that. 

Didn't think of Cuddle all tho, great suggestion :3


YES PLEASE! I eventually want to have all pets available so this would be a huge help to me and everyone with multiple pets! Plus, it'll make sure all the cuddles are at the same time. 


As it gives experience to cuddle, it should take a little amount of work.


makes perfect sense now. This was an idea before that update. Thanks for updating it!