No "level up" post when leveling while offline due to pets

Adalynn Greenwood 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 5

Basicly the title. I have noticed my last few levels that they do not show on my profile while leveling up. Due to the xp from pets while being offline and not online during the "server day time" (4am eu time on WoP.eu)

I haven't yet been online but I fail to see any level up in a long time. The last being "29" and I'm now 32, and the 29 was 23 days ago.


Bumping since I just leveled up again thanks to my lovely pets last night.

Shouldn't this go away after you've been away for a bit, as your pets will have run away?

He doesn't mean a couple days, he means a couple hours while asleep / doing things.  Every day at a certain time, you get XP from your pets being happy, but he is not generally online during this time.


Update: I am getting the level up posts now from pets <3