Achievements for topics in different locations

FLD 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

As the title says I want some achievements for having subjects in different locations. I think it would make activity more places and could be fun to see how many different places one have been. It could either be with an achievement for each location or an achievement for being at 1, 5, 10.... places 


As I see it trolls could just go ahead and spam every single location for the achievements. I think there should be a limit to minimum amount of posts in each location? Like if you have a topic in "The Market Place" in Diagon Alley you would have do have at least five posts in that topic to unlock the achievement? 

Otherwise a great idea for more activity! :3


I agree. Sometimes I will go on a topic location and seee 10 pages of topics. But other times, I don’t see any topics.


I just want to up this I agree with Ada, but it could be really great to push people to do more topics other places than for example the room of requirement

Well I saw my topic again so I'll up this again. And ofc it is still important that there are something stopping ppl from spamming, but again if you have to follow the ground rules on the site it should not be a problem :D