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I was looking for this feedback for ages, but I do believe this is an issue with the code you used. From tessisamess, if I'm correct. I used the code the other day and had the same issue, while I never had this issue with other codes. The trick is to set the height of the code to, say, 600px, so it doesn't cut it off. That should solve it ^^

I'm not sure how you would envision this within World of Potter. The whole idea of WoP is that you can create your own character and give them a backstory, create your own storyline. You get sorted, you choose your blood status... You just can't be related to any of the characters from the series nor be friends with them, but what you're proposing here is exactly what the site entails.

I believe the achievement Wizard Card backer is not, in fact, for if you've collected all cards, but is instead rewarded to anyone who supporter the kickstarter for the Chocolate Frog cards. I could be wrong, but that's most likely why you haven't gotten the achievement.

Just commenting to make sure this might actually happen one day! This'd be ideal for when your character marries IG and you only want to change your last name.

This button already exists for deleting courses, as far as I know! On WoMF, at least, so I assume WoP has it too :D Don't try it though because I'm not sure

This would be incredibly helpful to all leaders of illustrations spread out amongst the sites!

This would be a lovely idea! You can 'get rid' of ingredients you no longer need and help out other users in the process. Maybe it would be fair to receive a small refund (maybe 10% or 50% of what you paid) and for other users to pay a lower price (maybe also 10% or 50% of the original price) to 'take it out' of the storeroom!

I think this would be an amazing feature! Though I have to add, some people change their backstories quite often, whether it be layout, pictures, names, or adding paragraphs of new school years. Can't help but wonder if those small changes won't give you and your team more work, since you have to check again and again for every small edit if their backstories are still alright according to the rules.

Homework is one of the things that make WoP the fun place that it is. My only tip here is to have patience, blocking people from making homework would take away the biggest part of the site that's interactive with the HP universe and would greatly diminish the active users, not to mention the fun on the sites. Even if you have to explain it again and again until they understand that copying is not allowed, I don't think blocking is the right thing to do here. 

Please! This would be tremendously helpful, especially the coding and the comments.