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This would be a great idea!

Just bumping this again!

Thought it was my laptop, but I suppose not :') Would be awesome if this could be fixed!

Bumping this up! Would be great <3

This is an excellent idea! In the meantime, might I suggest the use of a codetester? You can see there what you're coding. And a tip from someone who learned the hard way (me :') ), when you put an enter in your code, not a <br> but an actual enter, wall post coding sees that as a <br> as well. So if you've been wondering why there's such huuuge white lines in your wall posts, that might be the reason. Best thing to do is just make one mass of code instead of entering everything onto new lines. Hope that made sense! But your addition would be incredibly useful.

First of all, welcome to WoP! I do hope the issue has been resolved, but if it has not, try to contact the Minister or Headmaster/Headmistress on your website. They are recognizable by their forest green color (Minister) or their sky blue color (Headmaster/Headmistress), and they can help you further. Usually, you don't have to confirm your account to be able to use WoP. Perhaps it is another issue, but your Minister or Headmaster will be able to help you.

Additionally, I'd love to be able to search for middle names as well. Many trolls put a curse word as their middle name, as it doesn't show up in user lists so it's very hard to search for unless you click their profile or edit their user.

These are all great! I think it'd be wonderful to have more options to choose from. Of course, not every relation will be used for everyone and I think friends would be good too! Not necessarily every friend is your best friend, but some of them are very important to your backstory and you want them added to your relations. 

Additionally, I would like the options 'married' and 'engaged' to be limited to graduates or 17yo+ only. It doesn't make sense for underage students to get engaged or married.

I think it would be very difficult to have a set guide with what works and what doesn't. It's not always the same issue, so making a guide covering every single issue with the coding on WoP would be quite difficult - there are many codes with many issues. There's not one magical fix if something doesn't work. Extending the coding guide for VIPs might be a good idea either way, but I don't think it'd achieve what you'd like it to achieve.

Bumping this up again because man, do I need this :')