WoP Coding Guide

Nym 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

When you are VIP you get the opportunity to code your own PT and BS, however, the coding on WoP is more limited and some things that would normally work does not work there. There is already a coding guide under guidelines, but to make the coding easier I think it would be great to have a list added to the coding guide where it tells what is working and what is not working for WoP coding. This would save time and also makes it easier to code and you won't end up coding a profile that does not work on WoP.

Most codes work perfectly. you can see whatever works or not. I dont think it is nessary to have this, because explaining how every code works is very hard. Some pages like tessisamess has a guide with every code she makes. Most of the codes work on wop. And besides that you can always ask someone for help, there are a lot of people who knows how to make codes.


This isn't about templates, but actually coding the profile. Nym here is coding her profiles from scratch, which I also do. I am also annoyed at the fact that some codes I have made doesn't work on WoP, but works everywhere else.


Just getting this uuuup


I need this! I spent ages on a code that didn't work :(


I think it would be very difficult to have a set guide with what works and what doesn't. It's not always the same issue, so making a guide covering every single issue with the coding on WoP would be quite difficult - there are many codes with many issues. There's not one magical fix if something doesn't work. Extending the coding guide for VIPs might be a good idea either way, but I don't think it'd achieve what you'd like it to achieve.