More possible relationships

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We just got the relationship thingie on World of Potter and I love it already, thanks for adding it to the site!

There is one thing though, some relationships are more complicated than the options we have now. Here is a list met things I like to see added, but feel free to comment if you have more ideas


  • Enemy
  • (Normal) Friend
  • It is complicated
  • Uncle / Aunt
  • Adopted child / Adoption parent
  • Nephew / Niece
  • Sibling 
  • Half-sibling
  • Frenemy
  • Crush (on)
  • Ex
  • Roommate
  • Rivals
  • Neighbours
  • More than friends
  • Colleagues 
  • Drinking buddies
  • Bromance / Sismance
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Although I would love to have more in there, and even wanted to suggest it myself, it will REALLY clutter up the relation tab and that's not the point. If you're VIP you can always put it on your profile :D


I agree but they could choose some of them, like enemy and some of the ones that's more important. I personally don't want friends on it because it is to normal and you'll have more than one

Maybe a little vague "Family" -Status already would be fine. For everything further related than Parents or Partners.
It's enough explaination for a first look, and whoever cares can look into the Profile-Texts for more info about that.


These are all great! I think it'd be wonderful to have more options to choose from. Of course, not every relation will be used for everyone and I think friends would be good too! Not necessarily every friend is your best friend, but some of them are very important to your backstory and you want them added to your relations. 

Additionally, I would like the options 'married' and 'engaged' to be limited to graduates or 17yo+ only. It doesn't make sense for underage students to get engaged or married.

Perhaps it could be available to all (since coding it so that only certain ages can use certain ones would be more difficult and costly), and it would be a part of the backstory's job to ensure users who are under a certain age don't use it? Similar to if they put in their profile text that they are married and/or engaged, they would send them a message explaining why that wouldn't be realistic based on their age. 


This would be fantastic. Because I am really missing the option siblings atm


Divorced would be nice to. Colleque or Boss too :D


I agree with the 17+ to be engaged/married

it would be unrealistic to do otherwise

I also feel as if other options are AWESOME

I think we should have Aunt and Uncle

There is cousin, but it doesn't make sense that we don't have Aunt/Uncle


Step siblings would be good as well, and also Step Parents

This is already suggested for more sites than just WoW, check the stuff before creating please.


There are SO many suggestions with this comment the others instead... But yeah it needs at least siblings too.


Look at this https://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/communities/1/topics/1086-more-possible-relationships and vote there and, as FLD said, make sure to check out if your idea doesn't already exist before you add it here, so this place won't get crowded with four topics about the same thing.


I'd love to have: "In a relationship with" as an extra option to "dating".


I would love to have godmother/father as an option!