Make your wall posts magical!

The_Hairy_Coconut 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 4


As we all know, with the fantastic addition of VIP, us financial supporters of all things great and WoPful have the awesome opportunity to post some of the most beautifully coded creations on our walls. These could be announcements, advertisements for clubs or student jobs, library book announcements (until the notification kicked in) games or heartfelt messages to our beloved friends and IG families. So... what could I possibly be about to complain about?

Well, unfortunately, we have to code our wall post creations blind, completely blind. As someone who is a terrible coder but also still wants to make fantastic use of this feature need a little helping hand. So here is my proposal, on VIP accounts please please please adjust the wall post creation so it works similar to that of club page creation, lesson creation, NB creation etc. So we can preview our works of art before posting it and displaying our (usually mine) god-awful mess to the entire site.. and a further five times while I try to adjust it. (I can already imagine everyone on my friends list grabbing popcorn and laughing hysterically as my images shoot off into wopian space)

Thank you

I would like this part!


This is an excellent idea! In the meantime, might I suggest the use of a codetester? You can see there what you're coding. And a tip from someone who learned the hard way (me :') ), when you put an enter in your code, not a <br> but an actual enter, wall post coding sees that as a <br> as well. So if you've been wondering why there's such huuuge white lines in your wall posts, that might be the reason. Best thing to do is just make one mass of code instead of entering everything onto new lines. Hope that made sense! But your addition would be incredibly useful.


This would be extremely helpful, though how exactly would it distinguish between coded and not coded wall posts?  (Also, codetester is good to see what your code looks like btw :D )


The problem I have with codetester is what codes codetester can display is worlds apart from what codes WoP can display. (This is, in fact, a problem on noticeboards as some codes WILL display on the preview and then break on the upload but I digress). At the end of the day, there is no guarantee what will work on a third party host will translate well on site. Currently, the only way around it I have found is by coding it in a club page (because thank merlin's beard I own one) and then pasting the code on to my wall. Unfortunately, because my literal existence breaks the code akin to Neo in the Matrix (that was a huge exaggeration I am just that god awful at coding), even that has a tendency to come out looking like a Picasso painting. It would just be a lot easier if you could post to your own wall (if you have vip) or post to another (vip account holder's) wall in much the same way as it is.... just with that sweet sweet tool bar atop our creations.