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Addition: Would also be useful for classes, clubs, anything in the admin menu.

I have this bug on NL as well, and same goes for searching new Ravenclaw users.

I have the same thing with our Helping Eagles topic and Quidditch absence on NL. All other notifications disappear whenever I have a notification from either of those topics.

That's true, I also had that problem. It says dd/mm so I entered 25/11 but it 'didn't exist' (because it automatically changed it to mm/dd and 25 isn't a month) but when you use the little calendar to enter it's fine.

this would be really helpful! Also, I'm a nosy git and I would love to read the assignments students make for my course, because now we just write lessons with 0 feedback.

Or maybe make it possible to change it just once, when you've entered it incorrectly. This way, staff doesn't get overloaded by requests to change birthdays and people are not able to change it continuously

I agree with this idea but I think they shouldn't all be punished for grading incorrectly. Sometimes people accidentally leave the grade on Acceptable or (when on their phones) it doesn't change to the grade they actually wanted to give. In this case I think the 5 points they received for gradinng should be taken away but no additional punishment is necessary for making a mistake. Grading badly on purpose of course does deserve a punishment

I'm pretty sure this is possible already... You can enter next to the buy button how many of the item you want

Agree, I never got the achievements for handing in 30 or 50 assignments while I handed in way more. Hope this gets fixed soon

Would also like this option to make sure you don't see their homework anymore and they won't see yours.