Potions Storeroom

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We get many questions from new members asking where the Storeroom is on the site - so our idea is to add one (located in the Dungeons)!

A place where users can donate potion ingredients and other users can take them out for free (just like as if they were using the storeroom in the books!).

Would mean less galleons needing to be spent on class requirements, and also means that the professor can add more to each year like as part of a personal potion kit!

Could limit withdrawals so people can't just wipe it out, and items would need to stack to avoid clutter.

~ Min & Emilia on WoP EU ~


This would be a lovely idea! You can 'get rid' of ingredients you no longer need and help out other users in the process. Maybe it would be fair to receive a small refund (maybe 10% or 50% of what you paid) and for other users to pay a lower price (maybe also 10% or 50% of the original price) to 'take it out' of the storeroom!

Yes Please. This was so confusing back when i started out Wop and had to do the assignment about it. I'd like that :D It'd also add to realism imo.

I’d love this would make life so much easier when completing homework 

Maybe even make it so, you can go buy every day, just like the great hall and get one free ingrediens pr day :D 

Considering the new feature "potions room" it would even make more sense to have something like a Potions Storeroom now. Totally up for this idea!