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Hi ! There is no way for you to get your money back once you have bought stuff and even after you threw it. However you can earn money by solving riddles and anagrams and sending or grading homework for the classes you've registered to. It is all explained in the site's guidelines ;) 

Usually classes requirements are not that expensive (mostly books), so after a few days of riddles+anagrams you should be able to buy a few items, register to a few classes, and access a few homework to earn more money !

The only pets allowed at Hogwarts are cats, toads, owls and Pygmy Puffs. You can claim you have more Muggle pets at home - for example bunnies, guinea pigs or even a horse - but you'd only see them during holidays. 

However unicorns and dragons can definitely not be considered as pets - they are extremely rare and dangerous animals, that cannot be controlled or tamed even by the most skilled wizards, and should definitely not be kept in a Hogwarts dormitory. 

I believe it would make the game look way more like the Sims than it is supposed to. Eventhough I do understand the entertainment that would be provided by visiting an entire 3-D castle, WoP is a text-based RPG, not a videogame. Writing is a way of giving life to an entirely made-up character (just like in a book!), and it is the base of WoP that in my opinion should remain untouched :) 

Hi ! First, I'd suggest you check your chat rules because it usually explicits how the "chat moderating hierarchy" goes. I don't know which site you are active on, but on all of mine, it goes as follows : staff > Prefects > ATs > other coloured users including Backstory Team > regular users. And only like once in 3 years has an AT had to delete chat messages, showing that the higher end of this chain is already super effective, with dozens of staffmembers + Prefects so always someone to watch out. 

ATs are given moderating powers just in case no actual moderator (staff/prefect) is available for an emergency. Moderation is not a main part of their job, unlike Prefects ; ATs are like a moderation backup, not supposed to use their powers unless there is a chat emergency and no one else is available. So yep, snowflakes have higher moderation powers & a higher place on the moderation hierarchy than blueberries. I hope this answered your question :D

Hi ! I agree with you that sometimes it's really hard to judge whether a requirement has been fulfilled/a part of it was plagiarized or not. But in any case the grader must always justify their point of view and if the homework was indeed tricky to grade, the AT/teacher who might deal with it will be less severe towards the graders if they have written a good comment, explaining why they did or did not take the grade down. And about the grading test, I believe it would be wiser to have only "easy" homeworks to grade, so that if you've read the grading guide with enough attention then you shouldn't have a doubt about what grade to give. I believe this would ensure that we do not discourage new graders, also it would allow one to check if they've understood the most basic grading rules. 

Also I suggest that if they fail one test they just have to take another one ? I don't believe it would be wise to make it a lifelong grading interdiction because a lot of graders would fail it only because they just didn't know there were rules, etc. So maybe if you fail you get automatically redirected to the grading rules page, and then you can take the test again whenever you feel ready. But then it would mean we need a ton of test-homework so that they do not see the same 5 papers they got the grading tips about 20mins ago ? It would also allow us to maybe slide in a test-homework in between to normal-homework once in a while after the grader has passed the test, so we can check if they still remember the rules, and the test-homework not to be recognised by the grader (so they grade it as they would for a normal-homework, I hope I'm clear lol). But that would involve having at least one test homework for, let's say, each year 1 week 1 class, and changing it whenever the requirements change... So in the end it might still be a lot of work for the staff (who I guess would have to write the homework), but might also be worth it if it spares them the time taken to deal with tons of complaints and varied grades caused by graders who just don't know the rules.


Also, the two rules that you have suggested at the end of your post are already rules that exist on WoP. All grading comments must be at least 180 characters long (~2 lines) and it is forbidden to try and bypass that rule, either by adding for example a super long signature that eats up some of the 180 characters, or adding a lot of spaces and other "parasites" characters. And players already have the right to file in a complaint if they receive such a grading because it means the grader didn't abide by the rules and must be punished by the AT or teacher. But then this is another issue : how would we check that the people who graded a test-homework do abide by these rules as well ? Because sometimes a grader can give the right grade but write a comment that isn't right (offensive/completely useless/cheating on the required length)...

I love this suggestion ! As a grader I always need to open another tab with a word counter online and eventhough it's just as efficient and doesn't reaaaally ask for much effort I believe having this function integrated to the site would be really useful, just that kind of little addition that would make me say "oh, that's very well thought".

The new Invisibility Cloak is an item that allows you to be invisible on the marauder's map. If you want not to hear the pings, you can mute the WoP tab. And you shouldn't feel pressured to answer owls and topics ! 

If you're talking about IG money (galleons, sickles and knuts), I don't really get what the issue is, you receive 500G at the beginning of your adventure and it is well, realistic, that you have to spend a lot of it in order to buy items and register to classes. Then it is your choice to buy other items, and you have to manage your Gringotts account wisely. 

If you're talking about real life money (dollars, euros), it is never mandatory to buy VIP or anything else that requires IRL money. So I don't understant the issue here either...

Hi, you must post all your ideas in English & this one has already been suggested here :

Hi ! Maybe you should suggest it to your Head of House, usually there are house-related weekly papers and any player can help and publish on their House Notice Board with the approval of the Head of House. So if you have ideas for new sections in your House posts or even new posts at all, I'd say owl your HoH, and it will be way easier I think than to add a third site-wide newspaper.