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Copied homeworks are a pain yep, but I agree with Jada, this solution can end up being a problem as everything will take longer. I suggest something more simple, just showing the exact time the homework was submitted when you grade ? So if you see 2 identical homeworks, you can easily find out which one was submitted last, which is the copied one ^^


Thought I and Kybjosh already answered the point about giving it to the non-actives ;) I agree, 1 week may be a bit long, so I've already approved the idea about shortening it. 

Also, the difference with this "activation VIP" and the staff VIP is that staff has it all the time they have their job, so I feel like it's still a bit more valuable than a 1-week (or less) VIP. 


I think the question was already answered in the topic about giving VIP to students with job, but I'll repeat it here : free VIP is the highest reward someone can receive for spending so much time on WoP (because it's about IRL money). 

Therefore it has to be given to those who work the "hardest" (quotation marks because everyone works hard but I hope you get what I mean, my own example below) for WoP. These people are the adult staffmembers.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm part of the Backstory Team on EU, leader of the Ravenclaw Party Team and I write a weekly post with another team. I'm also part of the Management on FR. And believe my experience, it's not the same at all to be coloured student+columnist+team leader, than part of the Management/adult staff. I spend around twice more time on FR or on FR-involved cases than working with my teams on EU, therefore I consider it's normal for adult staffmembers to have free VIP, and for coloured students not to have it ^^

I must check if people don't have a forbidden name, and their middle name doesn't show in chat or in the Map, therefore I must go to their profile ^^

I have the same problem, and it's very annoying as I'm part of the Backstory Team and I can't check some profiles :/

This system would give even more work to the ATs and Teachers, as they'd have to grade each and every homework submitted in their subject. Moreover if you have a doubt about which grade to give, you can always contact them ;) 

Also, I don't think the grading rules are very hard, just count the requirements and downgrade 1 for each requirement missed, unless there are other rules in the lesson. 

I also believe it would be unfair for someone who gave a "P" to a "Good" homework to still get 3 galleons + HP. 2 grades difference is a big gap, and unless you explained very well why you downgraded, I find it normal that it's punished ^^

precision : this never happens on phone. So I went on my phone to check the notifs and it worked. But still annoying ^^


I think giving free VIP is to encourage people in joining the site again. However I agree that it's a bit much compared to the student's job wages, and I feel like 2 or 3 days is good enough ^^

That's an excellent idea ! After each "training homework", the grader would receive a tip if he missed it, so it would encourage him reading the rules and the homework more closely. Also, I propose that when a user makes really, really too many grading errors, he has to pass this exam again before he is allowed to grade more ^^

(I'm trying to find the words to express how great I find this idea, I hope you get it)

So the admin of the club would be displayed, maybe at the top of the members list ? Yeah that's a great idea, so people would know who to contact if needed ^^