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I absolutely agree on the fact that students who have a job are way to often underpaid and underrecognized. I am currently member of the Backstory Team, leader of the Ravenclaw Party Team, Quidditch Co-Captain and Gossip Eagle on WoP EU, and I perfectly get your point when you say the rewards I, you, and we, get, isn't as big as we all feel we deserve. 

Actually, I wouldn't be against a (big) augmentation in our wages in galleons for example.

The point is, adult staff gives even more - which is enormous, considering the huge amount of time we already give in. So adult staff should receive even more, right ? Then we have 2 possibilities :

- higher their galleons wage too (but once you have every items you need, well, you just put it into Gringotts and don't do anything with it)

- give them a bigger IRL reward, which I discuss below.

The current IRL reward is the free VIP (we still got the ads tho, but I don't think we should remove them, because it makes the site live). If we want to higher this IRL reward, then it would be "even more IRL", for example IRL gifts, or even IRL wage with IRL money. The point is, the site needs to save up money to enable future functionalities (such as chocofrogs) to be created. Moreover, adult staff would need to give their IRL address, IRL bank account, etc, and everyone may not want to. 

I believe this free VIP is the higher reward someone can be given on WoP for his dedication, so it's the reward adult staff should receive, as they're the ones who give the more ^^ So my solution would basically be to leave the free VIP to adult staff, and higher the galleons-wage of the student staff

I was mainly referring to the title of the topic in my first comment and I ask you to forgive me if it was not clear ;)

I am adult staffmember and student staffmember on two different WoP sites, and I agree on the fact that eventhough they help the website working well and the community stay peaceful, student staffmembers can often feel a bit discouraged by the lack of... gratefulness of the other users. And yes, 20 galleons isn't that much at all for all the work we sometimes have to do - and the time we spend to do it.

However, as an adult staffmember on WoP FR, I firmly believe that there has to be a difference between the wages of adult and student staffmembers. As a part of the Management Team, I spend lots of time communicating with my team, making sure it works well and being the most cheerful and helpful I can in all the chatrooms of the site - that's pretty normal, and that's what every user should basically do. However, I spend most of my time as a Leader in the adult staff Skype group, discussing about some "problematic" users, reporting bad mood, debating about the rules, and rushing to translate last minutes functionnalities. I also cope with adult and students Quidditch, which means I have to find time to make questions, to train the teams, to review the rules and to ref the games (and even with all the work I provide, I often feel like other users don't really care).

In a nutshell, I spend around 1 hour per day as a student staffmember, and around 3 hours per day as an adult staffmember

This difference  makes me believe that there also has to be a difference in the rewards I get. If the student staff gets rewarded more, then the adult staff has to be rewarded more as well.

this would be really handy for group owls indeed !

You can earn money by submitting or grading homework, or solving riddles and anagrams from Fred & George or Peeves ; everything is explained in the rules. If you have questions about it, please ask it in the chats instead of this platform. 

You can find all the rules and guides about WoP by clicking on your profile picture (upper right corner) and going to the "Rules" or "Guides" tabs. Everything is explained there, and if you still have questions, feel free to ask them in a chat or to owl another student.

omg hyperlinks to chapters would be so handy !

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It would really be a great idea to follow the IG gossip too :O

it would also be really useful for Backstory Team members who would see easily all the users with a specific (prohibited) name :p

Hello dear ;) you're not the only one struggling in English, that's why local WoP websites have also opened. In addition of WoP EU, UK and US which are all in English, you can sign up to German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, and soon, French WoP ;) if you don't speak any of these languages, you can still help people from your country translating the English site into your native language, so you'll be more at ease when RPing ;)