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Hi Eleiwen, 

I don't really get what you mean by "trading galleons for sickles". Just like in the Harry Potter books/movies, one galleon is worth 17 sickles, and one sickle is worth 29 knuts (so 1 galleon is worth 493 knuts). And I understand this suggestion as if you were asking for a way to trade 1 dollar for 100 cents, which is... well, useless... because the amount of money is still the same !

I do not believe it would be realistic even for adults. Remember Newt Scamander, one of the best magizoologists in the world, still struggled to watch for his own Niffler and it wroke havoc in NY. Plus Hagrid specifies having a Niffler as a pet in a house is a super bad idea... 

It is not realistic at all for young witches and wizards to be able to own dragons. They are very dangerous creatures that can only be approached by skilled wizards and be taken care of by experienced magizoologists. Therefore I don't believe they would be a wise addition to the site :)

You already have a "my topics" category between the owlery/enveloppe symbol and the notifs/globe symbol, which lists all the topics you've participated in + you can follow the topics you want to

The only jobs that are paid with Galleons are the ones that actually help manage the site, so I don't believe it would be fair to give the same reward for simple roleplaying :/

You can already RolePlay your holidays and your trip on the Hogwarts Express in the World Outside :)

I do not understand the point of this post

You do already get a chance to confirm that you want to send your homework, to prevent any missclick from happening. Therefore you can already check you haven't forgotten anything before sending your homework : I don't see the point in being able to edit it again afterwards. Moreover once it's sent, your homework goes straight to the grading pile and you never know when graders have started reading them, so it'd be pretty annoying for them if your homework changed in the middle of the grading process.

I'm not sure about bats, but snakes are not the kind of animal that can be kept as a pet for a kid, therefore I don't believe it'd be realistic... And neither the HP books nor movies mention a bat/snake pet apart from Nagini, who is rather special