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Earlier there was a topic about the Student Jobs being underpaid and some were vouching for people with student jobs to get Free VIP membership as some sort of IRL payment. While I agree with WoP, which stated that that would mean a lot of people got VIP for free and that would not be possible, I do think that statement should be paired with another change on WoP. 

After two weeks of absence, members who have not logged in get an e-mail telling them they got free VIP to get them back to the site. I think that if it is impossible to reward hard working people, spending hours on this site and helping it grow and be a safe place for people who love Harry Potter, it should be impossible to hand out free VIP to people who have not logged in for 14 days. 

Why would you give VIP to people who didn't log in, but wouldn't give it to people who spend hours of their day making this site the amazing place it is today? That doesn't only sound unfair, but in my opinion even devalues the work people with student jobs do on this site. 

My option would be to lose the free VIP to lure people back to the site but replace it with something less valuable, or shorten the free VIP period from one week to two days. 


I think giving free VIP is to encourage people in joining the site again. However I agree that it's a bit much compared to the student's job wages, and I feel like 2 or 3 days is good enough ^^

yaya is right, the VIP is given to the inactive people to lure them back with "extra options"  for a week and then it dissappears, this is smart in both the fact that people get back here (because they have the extra0 en hopefully stay after that has ended (so more users) and the fect that people experienced how awesome VIP was and in that regard they buy it which means more money

Thanks for the explanation, although my initial post already stated it was to lure back people to the site, but please get back on topic though! It’s not about the reason they get VIP, it’s about the comparison to student jobs and the length of the VIP. 

I think the question was already answered in the topic about giving VIP to students with job, but I'll repeat it here : free VIP is the highest reward someone can receive for spending so much time on WoP (because it's about IRL money). 

Therefore it has to be given to those who work the "hardest" (quotation marks because everyone works hard but I hope you get what I mean, my own example below) for WoP. These people are the adult staffmembers.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm part of the Backstory Team on EU, leader of the Ravenclaw Party Team and I write a weekly post with another team. I'm also part of the Management on FR. And believe my experience, it's not the same at all to be coloured student+columnist+team leader, than part of the Management/adult staff. I spend around twice more time on FR or on FR-involved cases than working with my teams on EU, therefore I consider it's normal for adult staffmembers to have free VIP, and for coloured students not to have it ^^

Still isn’t on topic. It’s the highest reward possible. Student jobs don’t get that reward - that’s fine, that’s not my point at all. My point is: because it’s the highest reward, dont give a free week of it to lure people back, but change it to either two days of vip or something less valuable. 

Thought I and Kybjosh already answered the point about giving it to the non-actives ;) I agree, 1 week may be a bit long, so I've already approved the idea about shortening it. 

Also, the difference with this "activation VIP" and the staff VIP is that staff has it all the time they have their job, so I feel like it's still a bit more valuable than a 1-week (or less) VIP.