New idea

dvelt10 4 years ago updated by Vita Auden 4 years ago 2
More and more people are coming to the WoP sites. Since there are more users, I think it might be fun if there is more to do. So a small extension! I was thinking about maybe an extra newspaper. There is also more fun work for the users to do, because most official teams are often full. I hope this is actually done, because I speak from the experience of the student who would like more journalist jobs. It may be that there is not enough news for all newspapers to report, but that can be solved by adding fixed sections to the newspaper. I hope this will inspire a nice new addition to WoP!

Hi ! Maybe you should suggest it to your Head of House, usually there are house-related weekly papers and any player can help and publish on their House Notice Board with the approval of the Head of House. So if you have ideas for new sections in your House posts or even new posts at all, I'd say owl your HoH, and it will be way easier I think than to add a third site-wide newspaper. 


From being a CE, then it is not always that all journalist jobs are full and it is often hard to get people to apply as a journalist. A new newspaper will make the struggle even harder for the Chief Editors that already are there. Also most areas are already covered in either the Daily Prophet or the Quibbler, so you would limit these papers by adding a new one.