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I’m very disappointed.

It appears that a dark mode has been developed but only as a paid service. Dark mode is a need. There are those who spend long hours on the sites, as it’s their only escape from their stressful lives. In lots of ways the sites are special places for all of us. But naturally they can be a strain on our eyes.

The dark mode should not be a paid service. It should be free and accessible to all.

I hope the devs reconsider this decision.

It's up to the devs but in my opinion it would be easier and more beneficial if there was one single theme for night mode on all sites. Like you said, the WoX sites have their own different colour schemes so inverting the colours simply wouldn't be very efficient, as some sites are very bright and colourful. A theme designed with specific dark colours that could fit all sites could still be installed though, since I don't think the uniqueness of any site would go away just because the night mode colour scheme is the same on all sites :D

While it does count as a solution, there is the issue of optimisation. E.g. there is no way to distinguish ATs and regular users when the extension is active, as it doesn't change the colour for ATs while making the colour of the names of the regular users white as well. A dark mode made for our sites, on the other hand, would be optimised well by design. In this example, it would not change the colour codes of the usernames. 

I would love to see an answer or feedback from the developers, especially since we are having a Christmas theme on lots of sites right now. A switchable universal dark mode for the sites would be very beneficial after all.

This is a very good idea and would be beneficial. It would also prevent people wondering if it's their internet connection that's not working.

Posting a comment to update.

Commenting to boop this.

But then you also wouldn't be able to hear individual pings that are directed at you. Regardless of the ping's presence, the welcoming message does the job by itself. People who are active in chat would still see the message and welcome the new users.
We only want the ping gone, not the message!

This has been an issue for so long, especially in owls. E.g. when you click on the last bottom line (without VIP) it doesn't register the click and due to the spacing it doesn't place the cursor at where you want. Instead it clicks on the page itself. So you think that you have clicked the text box and when you press the backspace button to delete something from the last line it throws you to the previous page. And when you go back to the owl everything you have written is gone. Additionally, with VIP when you press enter to leave one line space between two paragraphs it looks normal in the text box but when you send it it looks like there are 2-3 lines of spaces. I'm sure there are more similar examples so I completely agree with Olivia on this.

It would be awesome to have this feature, especially since I would be able to separate backstory related owls from regular ones.