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I have thought of this yesterday while doing site work at an unreasonably late hour. As you might guess there are many users that access WoP at night, and often in a dark setting. The theme of WoP is lovely, however, it can be difficult on the eyes with all of its light colours and adjusting the brightness of the screen doesn't really help because after one point all it does is making everything more difficult to see. That's why I decided to propose a Dark/Night Mode. It would be fairly easy to implement as we would just have to change the colour scheme slightly or invert the backgrounds and texts. It could be selected from the User Settings or from a slider that would be located at the bottom left corner when you scroll all the way down. The colours of the usernames would stay the same to avoid confusion with the now white text. I made a preview of what it could look like by inverting the colours.

Image 380

Please keep in mind that this suggestion is NOT to replace the current theme, but introduce an additional and optional one that you can choose if you want to.

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Yes, Yes, Yes please!


We so need this

Yes, yes and yes :D


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That would be so useful! We need this please!


I'd love to see it (bump).

A couple years ago someone made a special code to turn your screen to dark mode. I don't remember what happened to it or how it was applied to make it work on your browser but it was a thing that was going around at one point. 


I would love to see an answer or feedback from the developers, especially since we are having a Christmas theme on lots of sites right now. A switchable universal dark mode for the sites would be very beneficial after all.

you can download an addon to your browser called dark reader and it will be like dark mode :D


While it does count as a solution, there is the issue of optimisation. E.g. there is no way to distinguish ATs and regular users when the extension is active, as it doesn't change the colour for ATs while making the colour of the names of the regular users white as well. A dark mode made for our sites, on the other hand, would be optimised well by design. In this example, it would not change the colour codes of the usernames. 


This is an amazing idea! This would be wayyyy better on my eyes!


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This would be... ridiculously helpful. I'd love it :3

How would this affect WoX sites though, where the code is already customised? Would there be a separate dark mode for every site, or one that overrides the custom theme?


It's up to the devs but in my opinion it would be easier and more beneficial if there was one single theme for night mode on all sites. Like you said, the WoX sites have their own different colour schemes so inverting the colours simply wouldn't be very efficient, as some sites are very bright and colourful. A theme designed with specific dark colours that could fit all sites could still be installed though, since I don't think the uniqueness of any site would go away just because the night mode colour scheme is the same on all sites :D


Definitely need this, I agree!


The current Halloween design is already going in this direction;) A little less decoration and you could use it as dark mode.


I’m very disappointed.

It appears that a dark mode has been developed but only as a paid service. Dark mode is a need. There are those who spend long hours on the sites, as it’s their only escape from their stressful lives. In lots of ways the sites are special places for all of us. But naturally they can be a strain on our eyes.

The dark mode should not be a paid service. It should be free and accessible to all.

I hope the devs reconsider this decision.


I agree with you. Paying for a display screen that will help others spend more time on WoX Sites, is unreasonable. Users already pay for VIP functions and an Ad Free site, adding an additional charge for dark mode is just discouraging.


Dark mode is helpful for users that need visual stims. This feature is not just a treat or a bonus, it physically helps people enjoy site. By putting a price tag on it feels like a slap in the face for those really needing it. Basic site features should not have a price tag. No one needs VIP features but people do need dark mode to feel comfortable.