Splash page of "*Site* down for maintenance" when there's maintenance

Alexandria 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 2

Have a splash page that you are redirected to when trying to connect to WoP/WoX sites when they are down to maintenance. Just to say that sites are down and expected to be down until a certain time, so people are aware rather than being met by a 502 page or other error, as this can put people off sites as they appear to be unstable and unreliable.


This is a very good idea and would be beneficial. It would also prevent people wondering if it's their internet connection that's not working.


Sites are very rarely down for maintenace, it happens maybe twice a year. Mostly when sites are down (show 502 page or other error), it's the server having problems, so it's not on the users site, but also not something we can plan or change. We then also do not know when the sites will be back up.