Remove Ping from Newly-Sorted User Message

Cade Brooks 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 4

I’m sorry if there is another feedback topic for this but I haven’t found any so I’m creating a new one.

My suggestion is about one of the newest features that have been added to WoP, which is the announcement of newly sorted users in the Great Hall chat. While I do think this new feature is really great and that it helps people to welcome new users to the site, I strongly believe that it should not send a ping to everybody each time somebody is sorted. I’m sure that many would agree with me that pings are used often and have an important function when somebody, as an individual, is needed. This works the best especially when you are multitasking and you have to keep another tab open on your browser but also want to keep an eye on WoP. Recently I have found myself checking more welcoming messages than actual pings and I have heard from lots of other people that it has been the same with them.

So long story short, my suggestion is to keep the welcoming messages for the newly sorted users, but eliminating the ping function from it. This way the newly sorted users will still have a notification in chat and will be greeted by the people that are active there, but there won't be a ping.


I like the new feature, but I agree the pings can be distracting. They would be better muted. 


You can mute a tab if you think it's too annoying. Or turn off the volume. 
The pings are just there to notify that a new user is here and so that people can welcome them and make them feel more comfortable.


But then you also wouldn't be able to hear individual pings that are directed at you. Regardless of the ping's presence, the welcoming message does the job by itself. People who are active in chat would still see the message and welcome the new users.
We only want the ping gone, not the message!