No spacing all around (fix white lines and space between paragaphs)

Olivia 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 9 months ago 6

Non-VIPs have no spacing, VIPs have regular spacing. (compare the use of white lines in owls, add a white line between paragraphs and VIPs will have way too much space in between, yet no white line is too little space)

In topics, with the exception of topic starters, everyone has no spacing by default, both VIPs and non-VIPs alike. But in owls and topic starters there is a difference, and it looks ugly and inconsistent. I vote that both VIPs and non-VIPs will all have no spacing from now on, in owls, topic starters, and topic replies alike. 

Basically applied to the entire website, everywhere except individual coding if the user that coded that page prefers regular or double spacing of course. 

Edit: should also be applied in homework, and any other affected areas of the website.


This has been an issue for so long, especially in owls. E.g. when you click on the last bottom line (without VIP) it doesn't register the click and due to the spacing it doesn't place the cursor at where you want. Instead it clicks on the page itself. So you think that you have clicked the text box and when you press the backspace button to delete something from the last line it throws you to the previous page. And when you go back to the owl everything you have written is gone. Additionally, with VIP when you press enter to leave one line space between two paragraphs it looks normal in the text box but when you send it it looks like there are 2-3 lines of spaces. I'm sure there are more similar examples so I completely agree with Olivia on this.

Oh wow I thought this was my computer's problem of not registering the click at the bottom line of the owl.

Good to know and definitely should get this bug fixed.

try to read the message I wrote


The way to get around the extra spacing is simple.
If you just press enter once, then it is like in coding where you add a paragraph. This is a thing for both, where if you hold shift and then press enter, then it will go down on the next line and will not have extra space. The reason that there will be like two to three lines of space is because there was pressed enter twice, which just needed to be one. Unless it was that you held shift down.
It is basically just a difference between a <p>text</p> or <p>text<br/>text</p>.

That does work, you are right, but it's still confusing for when to use it and when not to. Not to mention, if you write a topic starter and forget to, you cannot undo it. It'd just be a whole lot easier if the site was set up more consistently. 

In addition, the trick does not always work. If you mean to include bullet points the spacing will still be different, because bullet points cannot be used in combination with the shift+enter trick. This is just an example, but you see how your solution is limited and why we thus still hope that the spacing will be fixed to be more consistent.