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Id say if they didnt pass the test, then they should take it again, by then they hopefully have learned by their mistakes. 

I like this idea, like you are having 5 trial homework with different things to note, where you have to give them the right grade before you can move onto grading real homework. :D

Maybe even make it so, you can go buy every day, just like the great hall and get one free ingrediens pr day :D 

This could be really nice. Also if this was possible under the topic you follow. so you could sort after IG topics and perhaps work topics. 

Yeah I often feel the gradings are all for not, when it ends up at the AT' maybe also why, so many dont really do an efford anymore.

I would be one of those people who would love to teach this subject, and I don’t say that because I think it is cool, but because I've worked on making it a subject that could be taught. I love Alchemy, the philosophy behind the research and all the other aspects that makes this subject what it is.


I can understand why WoP would be hesitant to make this subject, would it have a teacher that can make a full curriculum for that subject, will the course be desirable, and will the students be able to find a source that makes it possible for them learn and write their homework.


This would be a bigger project, but I do think, a needed project, as well as other subjects that’s still missing. However instead of announcing they are looking for a teacher, maybe make it an unlisted subject, give people the opportunity to hand in an unsolicited application, where they include a full curriculum, examples on 2-4 courses and sources to make a sustainable book for the site, so the students don’t have to find sources for the course. 

Homewoork and friend request.

I Agree, it would be nice if you could create a unique relation on a maximum of 2-3 words or a length of maximum 20-25 characters. Some may have a bigger relations list, but some may not. I think it would be nice to be able to write your own, or have a wider selection i.e. enemy, flirt, boyfriend/girlfriend, uncle, aunt, sister/brother and so on.