Number of gradings

FLD 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

I often grade homework that gets the last grade by AT's so the system doesn't matter, and that's kinda sad... I thought for the smaller sites or all sites, that it could be put down to 3 gradings per homework. I know it will take 2 away, but the option to complain is there anyways and it would take some of the preasure from the AT's on the site I'm active on and it would maybe motivate to make better gradings, when you have a bigger chance that the grading will reach the person.

I think 5 gradings is a lot on the sites in other languages, idk how it is on EU or US, because everyone could be there, but that's not the case for the different spoken countries sites.


Yeah I often feel the gradings are all for not, when it ends up at the AT' maybe also why, so many dont really do an efford anymore.


Exactly and I mean I got two back for once, the site is at week 10, so now ppl wants to have points, but the feedbacks was really the same so 3 or 5 would give the same to work with. And on this site ppl are forced to make greater feedbacks, so it's like, you can complain for three words feedbacks xD