Create our own relation names

Squirrel Jo 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 6

So the new relations system has just been implemented and I love it, but. The thing is, there's a few small list of the relations you can have, and a lot of the "basic" ones are missing, like siblings, enemy, etc. First of all, I would really like these ones to be added, as well as a lot of others that other people will think of. So actually, a list of the "basic" relations could really be long : stepsister, godfather, etc. If we try to list them all, we have 100% chances to forget a few ones. 

Moreover I know a lot of users can have, let's call them, "unique/original" relations. For example, "Idol", "Archenemy", "Fav Unicorn", etc. These are not what I would call basic relations, as they can be more complicated than just "friend" or "enemy", and anyways a list of all these "unique" relations would be endless. 

So what I suggest is a new option for us to create our own relation names. So when I want to create a new relation, I choose the user I want to send the request too, and I can actually type the name of the relation I want with them. No list, so I choose to simply be their sister, or their Amazing Queen of Pancakes - I choose !


If you had the chance too create own relation names, there would be an endless list of friends in your relations. Its sure funny but not the sense of the relations. I would just agree to give more "real" relations, cuz e.g. "Siblings" are missing but you can relate to your Cousins.


Raphael Silver (DE)


I think that maybe we shouldn’t be able but that there should be a wider range for example;

Godparents, Siblings, Aunts/Uncles, Guardian etc


Yes, we wouldn't want the relations tab to become completely filled, because that ruins the point of it. Siblings/aunt/uncle/niece/nephew and enemy are the ones that are missing the most. Enemy because there is only one non familiar relation, where I think enemy is as unique as best friend.


I Agree, it would be nice if you could create a unique relation on a maximum of 2-3 words or a length of maximum 20-25 characters. Some may have a bigger relations list, but some may not. I think it would be nice to be able to write your own, or have a wider selection i.e. enemy, flirt, boyfriend/girlfriend, uncle, aunt, sister/brother and so on. 


If it were an option, it could be interesting if each site could send suggestions to their MoMs, and they could choose what to have in, like the pet names. So we could add in new things, for example I think Mentor/Mentee could be a great edition for when students graduate and get to be paired with a mentor, but not all sites might want to use that. It would allow for flexibility and more options, but not enough that there is an endless list.