Alchemy - once more

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Hello beloved World of Potter-Fellows,

today I am opening a topic that was declined once. I was very sad when this happend because I know many Users wished for it. I am talking about the school subject ‘Alchemy‘. So today, I present to you five reasons why this subject should be taught in Hogwarts:

1. It is an elective subject offered at Hogwarts for 6th and 7th years

  • It would be more realistic when we teach this subject, because Rowling herself said that this is a subject in Hogwarts. Also many WoP-Sites even have books about this subject in their libraries.

2. It is an ancient study and as those very important to preserve knowledge

  • You can compare Alchemy with chemistry. Our Chemistry is kind of the modern/muggle Version of Alchemy but it is much more than potions. In Potions they would never teach you how to brew gold. It is a combination from many different subjects (Potions, Transfiguration, Astronomy, Herbology). The teacher for Alchemy could make it a requirement to have the OWL in those subjects if you want to take the class. Beside the fact this subject is offered in the last two years in Hogwarts it shows that this is a very important subject to teach the students how it is to work as a savant. And we know, that there are still witches and wizards who are actively studying and practicing Alchemy in the twentieth century.

3. There are tons of references in the Harry Potter Books

  • For example ‘Philosophers Stone‘, ‘Nicholas Flamel‘ (who is not only in Harry Potter but a real alchemist. JKR has not imagend him by herself), Albus Dumbledore himself was an alchemist and as a little fun fact: Rubeus Hagrids and Albus Dumbledores firstnames were chosen based on alchemy. They mean ‚red‘ and ‚white‘ and that are both colors being essential mystical elements of the process. Also the subject was first mentioned in the first book (Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone ← It‘s in the title, come on guys!)

4. It is a philosophical subject

  • Discussing topics like having the power to live eternally, transmutating lead to gold or perform other alchemistic wonders to make your life easier or more perfect could be part of the syllabus as well. Historically Alchemy has always been the art of perfecting both the human body and soul, as the so well known Transmutation (lead to gold) is more of an analogy for human perfection. Students could discuss what follows if everything is perfect and maybe all to equal.

5. More possibilities after your graduation in Hogwarts

  • Focussing on the future of WoP, it would be such a pleasure if students would have the chance to attend alchemy classes. With their knowledge they could support Healers (just as an example, beside many others).

So. I hope you understand now why it is so important to teach this subject in Hogwarts! Please do not decline it a second time. It would break many little hearts.


Marlene Harris



We've talked about this, and we still don't want it as a course in school, but we will be working on adding it as a graduation course!


PLEASE!! I would be so happy about this subject. Not only because I'd like to teach it myself, but also because it's just a magical part and would definitely enrich Hogwarts. 


It'd be amazing to have Alchemy as a subject at Hogwarts! Please do consider this!


That's an outstandig idea, Ms. Harris, and I absolutly agree. Alchemy is a very interesting subject fitting perfectly into the WoP-Universe.

Ouh, and it would be a pleasure seeing you as a Professor in Hogwarts, Mr. Processus. Even tough your name would be impossible to pronounce for me! xD Fingers crossed!


PLEASE! We would be SO SO SO happy about it!


Alchemy would complete the education of our students. It would be very nice :)

I like the thought, but when they haven't even started Talmagi on the danish site, (Eng: Arithmancy I think - the one with numbers) I think it would be sad to get another course... For me every course should be on every site before they make more, and that is, off course, because if they on one site can't fix that and especially on the site that started it all, I don't see how they can and should make more.

I like the idea of Alchemy, but I want my Talmagi first, because it is an important course for us who like numbers... I can the subject/course but I have nothing to say so I'll be very sad if they focus on something and makes more tabs when some sites have some empty already

Love this idea, so bumping it! ^^ ♥


I love this idea and really hope that they will not refuse it this time, because as you said, it will make so many people happy if alchemy were to become
a subject on hogwarts.


I would be one of those people who would love to teach this subject, and I don’t say that because I think it is cool, but because I've worked on making it a subject that could be taught. I love Alchemy, the philosophy behind the research and all the other aspects that makes this subject what it is.


I can understand why WoP would be hesitant to make this subject, would it have a teacher that can make a full curriculum for that subject, will the course be desirable, and will the students be able to find a source that makes it possible for them learn and write their homework.


This would be a bigger project, but I do think, a needed project, as well as other subjects that’s still missing. However instead of announcing they are looking for a teacher, maybe make it an unlisted subject, give people the opportunity to hand in an unsolicited application, where they include a full curriculum, examples on 2-4 courses and sources to make a sustainable book for the site, so the students don’t have to find sources for the course. 


We've talked about this, and we still don't want it as a course in school, but we will be working on adding it as a graduation course!