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Still isn’t on topic. It’s the highest reward possible. Student jobs don’t get that reward - that’s fine, that’s not my point at all. My point is: because it’s the highest reward, dont give a free week of it to lure people back, but change it to either two days of vip or something less valuable. 

Not a very helpful comment but SAME THO. I hate not being able to give my own characters a date of birth including the year. I hate how I don’t know if we’re one, two or three generations past the second wizarding war. Can my characters grandfather have been in it, or is that too close? NO ONE KNOWS BECAUSE WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YEAR IT IS. 


Thanks for the explanation, although my initial post already stated it was to lure back people to the site, but please get back on topic though! It’s not about the reason they get VIP, it’s about the comparison to student jobs and the length of the VIP. 

Not really a fix or something, but when you're in your chest, simply pressing ctrl+F and then typing the object you're looking for will take you right to that thing, so that might save you the scrolling!

I think this could be a very smart idea, but like Jelina says, it could definitely start a shitstorm. Let's say a student on WoP deserves an Outstanding, the highest grade, and you accidentally grade it Acceptable. Four others do grade it as Outstanding, which means the student will probably get an Exceeds Expectations as an average. 

The student complains, and the grade is corrected. All is well. 

Now, with your addition, the grade would be corrected, but the person who accidentally graded it wrongly will receive about 4 replies saying they did it wrong; they should pay more attention, et cetera, et cetera. This site is supposed to be fun, and this could be really discouraging because everyone makes mistakes sometimes. 

If you see someone consistently give wrong grades (which would be hard since grading is anonymous), you can always contact a(n assistant) teacher and tell them what you think, but having the chance to (anonymously) tell people what they're doing is wrong without knowing if it was a simple mistake or not could suck all the fun out of the site.

Addition: since WoP prides itself on being realistic, it shouldn't even be possible for 8+ years to get points, since teachers/staff can't even get points for their house in the original franchise. 

My edited idea then is that you can only grade your own year AND the year below you. This way, first years can still "learn" from second year grading, but fourth years for example cannot rack up points for grading 4 years of homework while second years have to work way harder to get that same amount. If they want to keep the 8+ in the point system and the site hasn't been on long enough to have a seventh year (the last year), the 8+ people can grade the highest possible year that is currently on the site (for example, on WoP UK that would be Year 4). 

Right click on the tab in which you have opened WoP and click "mute tab" - problem solved. 

You’re right it doesn’t hurt - it’s just doesn’t add anything either. 

Kayte, I already put the link to this post (which is older and has more upvotes, and thus should be the "main post" about this subject as per the rules) in that other post, so it's a bit counterproductive to link back there...

Hey, I totally agree, but there's another topic about this called "Creativity Reward" where people who put lots of effort into their homework get extra galleons as a reward for being exceptionally creative. This is the link: