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I don't think this is a really good idea... It would give people the suggestion that they are less worthy than there colleagues and therefore create a certain tension between people. Also, it could get personal. because a boss could choose to give more galleons to a friend of theirs and less to an enemy.

Third: It is not like someone who works longer, does more or does a better job. Leaders could choose to give their minions a present or something, but a pay raise?

And last, but not least: 40 sounds like a lot to me, looking at the fact that a teacher job only gives you 45 galleons, while a teacher job is so much more work than a student job.

Yes please, I need this!

Yes! We really need this. I am a teacher on NL and we are having copied homework now and then, but we can't do a thing about it, because we can't see the other piece of copied work.

Yes! This would be amazing! :)

Yeah, I noticed your post!I just thought the lessons needed a mention too :)

I think Alex means we could have something between different sites. So like a battle between NL, US, EU, UK and / or France... 

Yes, I would love this! It would also be a great solution for people whose paying system isn't working!

They have said this will be possible in the future :)