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YES! I would adore this option

Yess! On World of Potter NL we have a club for the Quibbler and Daily Prophet combined, but it's very sad that we can't co-host it, because that takes a way a lot of abilities with the club. This idea would help a lot! :)

You can! :) Just go to settings and then to change age/year!

Love this idea! It would be really nice as HoH too, when for example trying to find players for quidditch! :)

You could make this yourself by applying for the library team or do the suggestion via an owl/message to the librarian leader, although I don't know if the idea is relevant for the site you are on

I am just bumping this up! :)

Look at this and vote there and, as FLD said, make sure to check out if your idea doesn't already exist before you add it here, so this place won't get crowded with four topics about the same thing. < This is already suggested here. Before you post an idea, make sure to check if it doesn't already exist! :)

Yes! I need this! :)