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I agree with Elijah. You could add a feature that users can set in their settings that their account will not be deleted if they are absent for a long time.

However, I must confess that I have no sympathy when people use a fake email address and then don't come back to the site for two years (or forever). If you use WoP/WoX seriously and even spend real money, you'd better use your real email address in case something goes wrong when paying or something like that. (Or forgetting your password)

Also, it's common for social networks and forums to warn their members that data can be deleted in case of long inactivity. And editing the settings only takes two minutes. You can expect users on the World sites to get it right. You could also inform new users when they first enter the site to check their settings for example. 

But this is just my opinion and I respect if there are people who think differently.

hello my dear,

I think the option to create polls/surveys on each WoP-Site is a lovely idea! Just think about all the possibilities: we could use this tool to create the polls for the awards of our eventteam, or the teacher could use it to ask the users if they like the classes they wrote. There are tons of ideas in my mind! I would really appreciate it, if this idea would be realised. I am sure, that a lot of people would find this very useful! So please folks, upvote this Idea!!!

hey you :D

the sectioning in the libraries on WoP ist also possible! ^-^

this would be lovely! Great Idea!

would make our work much easier I guess. There are always a few problems and with this simple function, (maybe added by the option why the user was reported), we can react much faster.

A mobile friendly WoP would be awesome! I really hate it to use WoP on my mobile phone, it kills my energy and is slow af. But I would keep it simple. No more functions, just the basics from the webversion.

when I first read the title I was like: ew, who wants to become a Horcrux just like Harry? But your explanation makes sense. I junst don't know if I like the idea or not.

I like the idea :) but when this becomes a status it might be nice to stop the aging process. The person will always be the age they died.