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Marlene Harris 6 years ago updated by Cassius Thorpe 6 years ago 6

Hello fellow WoPler's,

Today I have a small concern: The sorting of the lexicon! It has been annoying for months that the entries have no alphabetical order.This makes it difficult to find something in the lexicon. 

Could it possibly be changed? And beyond that: would it be possible to add a search function? That would be great!


Marlene Harris


I think that's a great idea. 
It's helpful and easier. 
This will certainly make users more enthusiastic about using the lexicon.


Would be very useful. I agree!


I agree! Can I add to this that a sectioning would be great? Like on WoMF (Mystic Falls) they have made some headlines telling what the books in the sections is about. On WoP it could be:

- Spellbooks

- Biography

- Animals/Creatures

And so on..

Oh wait it already is on Lexicon I was thinking about the library, stupid me xD


hey you :D

the sectioning in the libraries on WoP ist also possible! ^-^


That's a great idea! It's really exhausting to search for an specific spell or potion when there are over 50 oder 100 and they're not in an logical order. Also would be a search-function just great!